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dbx 902 x2 de-esser in FS900EU rack

Legendary analog de-esser, tested and working

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The Model 902 De-esser can be used as a conventional broadband de-esser, or for attenuating only a user-determined portion of the high frequency range of the audio signal. Gain reduction is adjustable from 0 to -20 dB. A feature unique to the 902 is its continuous analysis of the input signal spectrum, thereby providing the exact amount of de-essing selected regardless of the signal level. The 902 does not require re-calibration for signal level changes, just set it and forget it.

SKU: 10892 Category: Tag: Brand: dbxMPN: 902EAN: 7333293108928Condition: UsedCondition Description: From broadcast studio, good conditionWarranty: 72 hoursSerial number: 1808120 JAPackaging: Cardboard boxLocation: Sweden


The dbx model 902 De-Esser is designed for use in the F900A mainframe or the FS900 miniframe. The 902Õs
unique features make it possible to achieve the exact amount of de-essing desired regardless of variations in signal

Log-Domain Processing: The 902 examines the differences in dB between the high frequency and full-bandwidth
portions of the signal, allowing de-essing of signals which change in level by as much as 60 dB. Conventional
de-essers require readjustment of their threshold control when a vocalist drops from singing voice to a whisper-
ing voice. By contrast, the 902 does not even have a threshold control to require adjustment.

User-Defined Crossover Frequency/HF Only or Broadband Operation: The two-pole, maximally flat filter design
used by the 902 in separating high frequencies from low frequencies can be user adjusted over a range of 800
Hz to 8 kHz. This, in conjunction with the HF only mode, enables the 902 to be used for special, non-vocal
applications such as removing “clicks” from a close-mic’d guitar.

RMS Level Detection: dbx patented RMS level detectors enable the 902 to sense level on the same basis as the
human ear — providing a natural and accurate response to audio waveforms.
Other features include:

  • Control Voltage Inputs and Outputs
  • Expanded Scale LED Metering
  • Hard-Wired Bypass Switch

dbx 902 de-esser in FS900 rack
dbx 902 x2 de-esser in FS900EU rack

This item is sold