Wanted gear

We currently have buyers for the following used gear:


  • NEXO GEO T Complete system, 24x T4805 4x T2815 16x CD18.
  • D&B Max15 with flightcase.
  • Turbosound TMW-115 or 112 with flightcase.
  • 6x NEXO PS15 R2 2x NXAMP 4×1
  • Meyer Sound Galieo 616
  • Yamaha CL5, surface only
  • 2x JBL Vertec 4880
  • 10-12x EAW KF 730
  • Yamaha CL3
  • DiGiCo SD11
  • 2x Klark Teknik DN1248+
  • Yamaha DCU5D
  • DiGiCo SD8-24
  • Dynacord Cobra 2 or 4 Speaker system.
  • 2 x JBL SRX 815P or 2 x EV ETX-15P
  • LAB FP2600
  • 1-7x EAW SM200 Stage Monitor
  • 4x L-Acoustics LA8
  • DBX 1BX Expander
  • Nexo Alpha S2
  • APB Dynasonics Spectra “C” or “T” series 24/32 format
  • 4 x L-Acoustics SB28
    4 x L-Acoustics ARCS wifo (can be wide or focus)
    2 x LA8 (with or without AES, preferably without)
    1 x Wifobump (if possible)
  • Midas DL153
  • Sennheiser Stethoset IR interpretation system HDI 1029 PLL8, SZI 1029, L 29-50-2
  • Mipro TA-80 UHF Digital Wireless Plug-on Transmitter
  • Beyerdynamic TG 1000 Handheld Transmitter
  • Midas DL251 x2
  • SHURE UR2/Beta58 or SM58 R9
  • 2x d&b Audiotechnik Q-SUB
  • 4x Sennheiser EW 300 systems microphone 835 or 865, possibly also beltpacks. Must be in A-band.
  • 6x Nexo PS15 1st generation with processor


  • 60x Fresnel 500W
  • 32x City colour LED 400W double head
  • 800x LED Par RGBW
  • 420x SGM P5 or similar IP rated
  • 12x Claypaky Sharpy in cases.
  • 4x Arri L7-TT Black P/O
  • Robe Pointe
  • Robe LEDWash 1200
  • Robe MegaPointe
  • Prolights Diamond 19CC with flightcase.
  • Prolights Jetbeam2 – with flightcase.
  • 2x Robert Juliat Aramis or Cyrano with DMX
  • 30x GLP X4 20 Bar
  • +12pcs ETC ER15AFR
  • GrandMA3
  • SGM X5
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  • Panasonic AW-HE120KE Integrated PT Camera


  • 500 kg hoists
  • Mobile stages
  • 2x Chain Hoist D8+

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