Selling used gear

Selling through Gearwise is easy

Gearwise is a Nordics based broker of used audiovisual and staging equipment. Let us help you grow your business, free up working capital and warehouse space by finding a buyer for gear that you no longer use or wish to replace. Sales are worldwide but most of the listed equipment is located in northern Europe.

Register an account to get started, after your account is registered you have access to the website tools for submitting gear and other useful functions:


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Why choose Gearwise as your used equipment sales partner?

Nordic Excellence

Key words commonly associated with the Nordics are Trust, Innovation and Sustainability. Nordic companies are known to always have the latest technology and are trusted to stand by their word and care for their equipment. List your gear with us to benefit from the strong brand and excellent reputation that the Nordic countries have globally.

Local presence – global experience

Our decades of working within sales of professional sound, lighting, video and staging have provided us with extensive knowledge and network of contacts on both the local and global entertainment technology market. Our location in Stockholm means that we are close to you and always available to discuss your unique needs within second hand sales.

Fully independent, cost saving

Gearwise AB is fully family owned and not affiliated with any manufacturer, distributor, rental company, investment company or other commercial entity. Using our services is the most efficient way to optimize your inventory and gives a direct competitive advantage to companies who choose to handle their own used equipment sales.

Global reach for best price

Sweden, the most populated country in the Nordics, constitutes 0,13% of the world population. Our service places your gear on the global marketplace with thousands of potential buyers that you don’t reach by using a local sales channel. Used equipment often has a higher value on markets outside of the Nordics where the latest generation of equipment is less attainable. Technological trends and brand popularity varies in different parts of the world, we make sure your products get exposure on the most suitable market for that particular type of used gear.

Your active sales partner

We will analyze the market for your gear and assist with determining the right price level and formulate a sales strategy. We happily take care of all sales negotiations, answer any questions the buyer might have and arrange a safe delivery shipment. We make sure you don’t have to waste resources on any time wasters. Use our Photography Guide to take photos that give your gear the right exposure.

After sales support

We aim to handle and quickly resolve any issues that may arise after your gear has been delivered, allowing you to focus resources on your primary business areas. The happiness and satisfaction of buyer and seller equally will always be our primary motivator.

Export sales

We focus our marketing outside of the Nordics and if requested are able to restrict the market for any gear listed. Make sure your equipment does not come back to compete for a future project by selling it out of the region.

Selling through Gearwise is easy

To get started you simply register an account and fill out your company details including delivery address and phone number. Once your account is registered you have access to the website tools for submitting gear and other useful functions.

We want to hear from you

We are always available to listen to your particular needs and find ways that Gearwise can help your business optimize it’s inventory, free up capital and warehouse space. Thoughts and feedback is always welcome. Contact us by phone, email or schedule a personal meeting.