Selling Photography Guide

A listed item with good pictures will attract more buyers and is an easy way to sell faster. Here are some photography tips and guidelines which may be helpful.

  • Use a neutral photo backdrop such as a plain white or black drape. A simple white bedsheet or office wall can also be used as a single color background. Try to arrange a space free of clutter and distracting elements.
  • If possible, use a tripod and turn off the flash. Use soft, diffused lighting if available. Standard fluorescent ceiling lighting is usually not the ideal light source for product photography, but do your best if nothing else is available. Make sure the item is not exposed to direct sunlight from a warehouse window.
  • If the item has screens and LED indicators, turn them on. This shows that the item is functional and makes the image more visually pleasing to the viewer.
  • Take pictures from several angles, making sure to include any damage and scratches the item may have. We will select the photos we think are best to market and sell your item.
  • It’s good to take pictures of all items included in the sale, including things that may seem unimportant.
  • Take many pictures and use a  high resolution. Try to take at least one picture with the entire product fully visible and with some empty space on all sides.
  • Relax, have fun and do your best. We will edit and optimise your pictures before publishing. We will also remove any visible company logos.