Vistek Modular System V1606

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Dual PSU’s and 13 modules included


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Warranty: 72 hours
Condition: Used
Location: Sweden

Included modules:

  • 1x V1630/38 Audio DA
  • 1x Blank
  • 2x 6408
  • 2x V6418
  • 4x V6153
  • 3x V1617
  • 1x V1614


The V1606 is a compact rack enclosure incorporating all of the features of the V1603 and further enhancements. It accepts up to 14 V1600 modules whether single or dual power supplies are fitted. The module capacity is not reduced when the V6081 or V606 Rack Controller card is fitted since it resides in a separate slot above the power supplies.

The V1606 has excellent thermal characteristics using cross-flow ventilation with the air intakes at the side and front. Air is expelled on the opposite side. For installations where vertical cooling is available, ventilated top and bottom panels can be supplied allowing operation without compromising statutory emission standards.

Weight 12 kg