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Prolyte MPT Stage Package

Prolyte MPT Roof System with Efesto stage floor and Layher scaffolding

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System Components:

Pcs Stock list MPT/with side house/All wire/Komplete
2 Prolyte Canopy mail male/female side
2 Prolyte Canopy side house 3×3 meter
2 Prolyte Canopy Corner
6 Prolyte Canopy 3 meter side
3 Prolyte Canopy 6 meter side
6 Prolyte Base Sleeveblock Top hat compelt
4 Prolyte H30D – L150
12 Prolyte H30D – L300
6 Prolyte H30V – L0,50
14 Prolyte H30V – L200
8 Prolyte H30V – L300
3 Prolyte H40V – L100
9 Prolyte H40V – L150
8 Prolyte H40V – L200
6 Prolyte H40V – L300
6 Prolyte Boxcorner
4 ChainMaster D8 – with sling – cabel and remote
Efesto Stage floor and rail
1 Efesto stage 104×73 with beams for Layher
12 Efesto stage 104×104 with beams for Layher
5 Efesto stage 207×73 with beams for Layher
78 Efesto stage 207×104 with beams for Layher
22 Layher rosette for rail
12 Layher 307 O-ledgar for rail
20 Layher 207 O-ledgar for rail
8 Layher 104 O-ledgar for rail
1 Stairs vario to stage
Layher staffolding incl tube for transport
68 Base Collar
92 Base plate
59 Rosette 150CM
7 O-ledgar 0,73
64 O-ledgar 104
131 O-ledger 207
50 Diagonal brace for 150CM
20 O-ledger horizontal diagonal L- R-
Additional Layher and Efesto available on request.

SKU: 10403 Category: Tag: Brand: ProlyteMPN: MPT RoofEAN: 7333293104036Condition: UsedCondition Description: New 2016, very good conditionWarranty: 72 hoursLocation: Denmark


The MPT Roof is a tower-based structure with a pitched roof, a design which guarantees optimum strength. Primarily configured from standard trusses, the MPT Roof is available in three different sizes. However, the unrivalled flexibility of the system affords nearly 40 calculated building varieties or setup possibilities for your MPT Roof. At ProlyteStructures Roof Systems, we are aware that every season and every event brings different demands, and accordingly we have designed the MPT Roof to accommodate an extraordinary range of applications.


Floor layout

Prolyte MPT – Stage drawing

Prolyte MPT Stage Package

This item is sold