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High End Systems Showgun 2.5

4x Showgun 2.5 in single road cases

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Sold in batch of four, price is for single fixture.

SKU: 10199 Category: Tag: Brand: HIgh End SystemsMPN: Showgun 2.5EAN: 7333293101998Condition: UsedCondition Description: Sold as is, some fixtures may require service and maintenancWarranty: 72hrsPackaging: Flight caseLocation: Sweden


The SHOWGUN® and SHOWGUN® 2.5 fixtures from High End Systems are high powered automated lights that can project images, change and mix dichroic colors, and switch from hard-edge to soft-edge all within a compact system. SHOWGUN output is 100,000+ lumens and SHOWGUN 2.5 produces 130,000 lumens. Both models provide high-energy focused or soft edge washes and gobo projection with a 10 inch (250 mm) output beam, and an innovative LED Tracking System.
A new patent pending optical design incorporates a proprietary, optically accurate polymer microfresnel lens allowing both SHOWGUN models to produce a true focused hard-edge or a soft-edge combination, without the need for two separate fixture types. The true focused hard- edge allows SHOWGUN fixtures to project High End Systems Lithopattern images, while the soft-edge abilities exceed industry standards. Soft edge/hard edge “enabling” for SHOWGUN fixtures is easily accomplished from any lighting console.
The SHOWGUN LED Tracking System is a homogeneously mixed RGB LED circular array that you can match to the color of the main output beam, or use to project a complementary color by mixing RGB values. Producing over 5000 lumens of output, the LED Tracking System works in tandem with the SHOWGUN fixture’s other features.
All SHOWGUN models use short arc metal halide lamps with a FastFitTM socket design that allows for a more compact reflector combination. The SHOWGUN fixture’s main output uses a 2000 watt lamp. The SHOWGUN 2.5 model uses a 2800 watt lamp with a guaranteed lamp life of 1250 hours.

SHOWGUN® Features

• Proprietary Short Arc Lamp and optics produce exceptional light output • Variable beam angles for SHOWGUN hard edge and soft edge
• Zoom range from 9° – 18°
• Four fully rotating, indexable lithopattern gobos
• Blacklight projection filter
• Variable iris
• Variable strobe, Electronic strobe
• Light BurstTM lamp boosting
• Remote focus
• Full optical dimming and fade to black
SHOWGUN®/SHOWGUN®2.5 User Manual 1
CHAPTER 1 Product Overview
• Smooth CMY color mixing provides and infinite palette of color
• Tracking and Independent modes selectable via DMX
• Independent color flag control supports TriColor effects
• LED Tracking Ring produces over 5000 lumens of RGB color.
• Homogeneously mixed RGB LED circular array eliminates the multiple colored RGB look when white or mixed colors are produced.
• Optical encoders automatically correct the head’s position if manually moved
• 420° Pan 216° Tilt
• High-resolution DMX512 programming control.
• Fat output beam: 10 in (250 mm) diameter.
• Shutter construct parameters including ramp, snap, and synchronous strobing functions. • Fully dichroic colors that never fade
• LED status indicators streamline troubleshooting.
• Large dot matrix display that allows for 2 lines of text
• 5-pin XLR connectors
• Precision stepper motors control dimmer, shutter function, and color mixing.
• Interchangeable 2- and 3-phase driver boards are easily accessible simplify servicing.
• Fast, smooth and quiet yoke movement using proprietary multi-phase technology.
• Fast service design for Reflector, Condenser and Output lens
• Modular construction
• Electronic cooling system control
• Exterior design prevents stray light scatter.
• Pan and tilt locks for easy transportation.
• Custom SHOWGUN roadcase provided.

High End Systems Showgun 2.5 for sale
High End Systems Showgun 2.5

This item is sold