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Clay Paky Alpha Profile 800 ST

10 Alpha Profile 800 ST in flight case, price is per fixture

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Price is for single fixture

ID Serial N° Fixture
Lamp hours
Lamp Hours
Lamp Strike
Lamp Strike
1 AC014005/31 3851 442 1715 93 472
2 AC014072/31 3437 713 1669 157 465
3 AC014322/31 3701 961 1728 200 409
4 AC014024/XX 3886 1101 2002 214 444
5 AC013982/31 3983 1265 2064 238 472
6 AC013414/30 2468 832 1484 185 405
7 AC013890/31 4404 1276 2020 280 535
8 AC013981/31 3447 879 1766 157 392
9 AC014182/31 3178 0 1483 6 420
10 AC013325/30 2585 681 1366 143 303


SKU: 10359 Category: Tag: Brand: ClaypakyMPN: Alpha Profile 800 STEAN: 7333293103596Condition: UsedCondition Description: From theatre, very good condition Warranty: 72 hoursPackaging: Dual flight caseLocation: Sweden


The Alpha Profile 800 ST is the most modern moving beam shaper in existence today for use in the most demanding lighting sectors. Clay Paky has used highly sophisticated micromechanics to obtain a compact, light, silent unit with an extremely bright light and a zoom capable of producing an extraordinarily sharp, perfectly uniform beam.

Lighting designers will find all the tools they need to enhance their creativity in the Alpha Profile 800 ST: a miniaturized four-blade framing system, capable of creating any geometric shape; a zoom that starts from the extremely narrow angle of 7.6° and reaches up to 55°; an exclusive autofocus system and the Dyna-Cue-Creator function, which are two useful features created by Clay Paky to make their lights easy to program and enrich them with original dynamic visual effects.

The 6000 K light beam and top-of-the-class operating silence complete the characteristics of this light. It is perfect for use in Theatres, Television studios, on exhibition stands and in the most demanding live situations.

800W discharge lamp (7800 K, 1000 h)
Light beam color temperature: 6000 K
Optical unit with extremely high luminous efficiency
Incredibly small (head length = 455 mm)
7,6°-55° zoom (electronic linear zoom from 11° to 55°)
Stay-Sharp-Zoom function for automatic focusing (patented)
CMY color system + color wheel + linear CTO
Patented framing system, adjustable over 90°
Shapes and triangles of various proportions and sizes
“Total curtain effect” with single blade
Graphic system: 7 rotating gobos + 9 facet prism
Special 16-blade mechanical iris
Dyna-Cue-Creator on a special channel for quickly programming dynamic visual effects
Frost filter
Hybrid dimmer (100-50% electronic; 50% to zero mechanical)
Three-phase pan/tilt motor for perfectly silent operation
High performance electronics and firmware
Art-Net / RDM
Modular construction for easy maintenance

Clay Paky Alpha Profile 800 ST

This item is sold