W-DMX Black Box System

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1x Blackbox S1 Single DMX universe Transmitter.

3x Blackbox R512 Receivers.

Transport case.

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W-DMX BlackBox products

The W-DMX system lies at the heart of every one of our BlackBox products. W-DMX is speci cally engineered by Wireless Solution Sweden AB to provide the same quality, reliability and perform- ance as any hardwired DMX data link. In fact W-DMX gives you greater freedom to create reliable point-to-point and point-to- multipoint installations over large distances.

W-DMX is unique in its use of certain advanced radio techniques which are more often found in mobile phone and military com- munications. Rather than using xed frequency channels, W-DMX uses adaptive frequency hopping technology to continually check for interference and to rapidly move operation over to clear radio channels. This occurs one thousand times every second and is used in combination with another advanced technique (called time division multiple access) which makes the most ef cient use of every visited frequency channel.

The advantage of such technology will quickly become clear to you: consistent and wide ranging control of your lighting systems over potentially great distances. Indeed, you may actually nd that it is all too easy to take W-DMX for granted, for two main reasons:

  • Firstly, the complex communication protocols are fully auto- mated and concealed from view – you just plug-and-play, the BlackBox units do all the hard work.
  • Secondly, from the DMX connector of one BlackBox unit to the DMX connector of another, the W-DMX system is totally trans- parent. W-DMX fully adheres to the USITT DMX-512 standard and can justi ably be called a ‘wireless DMX cable’.These are the reasons why in every independent comparison with competing products, BlackBox W-DMX units continually take rst prize for distance covered, resilience against interference and ease of installation.For additional information about our technology, please visit our website at www.wirelessdmx.com.