NEXO Geo-D Line Array System

NEXO GEO D10 Line Array System

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Nexo Geo-D system on Gearwise
NEXO Geo-D Line Array System

 17 899  17 499

Comes with all necessary accessories
  • 10x Cardioid Line-source speaker cabinets 1×12”/1×3”-1,4/2×8” 10°V-80/120°H
  • 2x GEOD-CASE3 Touring flight case for 3 GeoD10 + Bumper
  • 1x GEOD-CASE4 Touring flight case for 4 GeoD10
  • 2x GEOD-BUMPER Touring bumper for GeoD10 / GEOSUB + EXBAR1
  • 2x GEOD-BTBUMPER Bottom bumper for GeoD10
  • 2x GEOD-LEVA750 Levalift 750kg + Briddle
  • 2x GEOD-EP620M EPL cable 20 meters
  • 10x GEOD-FLG120 Directivity flanges 120° for GEO D10
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The launch of GEO D fulfilled NEXO’s long term design goal to integrate multiple full-range cabinets as scalable systems that behave as high output, full bandwidth, single source systems with full spectrum coherency and precise, pattern control.

GEO D10’s patented, third generation Hyperbolic Reflective Wavesource (HRWTM), redefines controlled dispersion of acoustic energy, while GEO D10’s unique Directivity/ Phase Device (DPD) extends coherency far below the mid-to-HF coupling limits of “common”, vertically arrayed loudspeaker systems.

The revolutionary HRW functionally positions an acoustical reflector (i.e. mathematically calculated hyperboloid acoustic mirror, derived from rigorous geometrical transformations) that is “outside” the loudspeaker cabinet.

The high-output D10 array module is centerpiece to NEXO’s GEO D10 vertical tangent array system. The optimized 10° Hyperboloid Reflective Wavesource enables multiple GEO D loudspeakers to coherently radiate tangent wavefronts as curved vertical arrays, and deliver consistent front-to-rear SPL across all coverage areas. Twin side-firing 8″ transducers are controlled
by proprietary DSP algorithms, applied by the digital NX242 TDcontroller to provide GEO D systems with unrivalled midbass directional control.

The DPD extends upper line source coupling frequency limits between GEO D10’s adjacent 12″ cones, so that adjacent 12″ loudspeakers coherently couple as if there were twice as many 6in cones, mounted at half the physical distance.

GEO D10’s patented Configurable Directivity Device (CDD),
is a diffraction slot used to control acoustic coverage across the “non-coupling (horizontal) plane”. The CDD applies user-adjustable Bolton flanges to set the diffraction slot’s exit flare rate at either 80° or 120°. (see Figure #4) GEO D10 ships with 80° flanges mounted, with 120° flanges included.

Featuring a single, earthshaking, front-mounted 18″ transducer, GEO SUB radically advances NEXO’s revolutionary DSP- managed, cardioid LF performance. Twin, active side-firing 12″ speakers allow flown GEO SUB systems to display tightly focused bass and subbass coverage, while precision, internal venturi porting smoothes performance, virtually eliminating unwanted “porting noise”. The yield exceeds all previous expectations about LF and VLF power and control.