Meyer Sound UPQ-1P Loudspeaker Cabinet

Meyer Sound UPQ-1P self‐powered wide coverage loudspeaker

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Meyer Sound UPQ-1P Loudspeaker Cabinet

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The UPQ‐1P self‐powered wide coverage loudspeaker offers an extremely consistent polar response, and is distinguished by its constant‐Q horn that provides 80‐degree horizontal by 50‐degree vertical coverage (‐6 dB points) and a gentle coverage rolloff that extends uniformly out to its ‐10 dB points of 100 by 60 degrees. The horn’s smooth and consistent performance is the result of meticulous research in Meyer Sound’s anechoic chamber, and it exhibits a remarkably consistent beamwidth in both the horizontal and vertical planes across a wide frequency range of 1 kHz to 18 kHz. In addition, the UPQ‐1P horn delivers uniform attenuation for all frequencies outside the specified beamwidth.

The UPQ‐1P also provides extremely high power output with low distortion in a compact, vented two‐way enclosure. In addition to the constant‐Q horn, the loudspeaker features a low frequency 15‐inch neodymium magnet cone driver and 4‐inch diaphragm compression driver,which are designed and manufactured at Meyer Sound’s Berkeley, California headquarters.

The UPQ‐1P is suitable for a range of sound reinforcement applications, as a front‐of‐house main loudspeaker in small to mid‐sized venues, or as a fill loudspeaker in larger systems. A proprietary two‐channel, class AB/H power amplifier with complementary MOSFET output stages yields a total power output of 1275 W. Audio input is routed through an electronic crossover and correction filters, as well as through driver‐protection circuitry. Phase‐corrected processing ensures a flat acoustical amplitude and phase response, resulting in an exceptional impulse response and precise imaging.

Each amplifier channel has sophisticated limiters that are easily monitored with the limit LEDs on the unit’s rear panel. The UPQ‐1P’s modular amplifier and process‐ ing electronics incorporate Meyer Sound’s Intelligent ACTM power supply, which adapts to any power voltage worldwide and provides soft‐turn on and transient protection. The UPQ‐1P comes standard with XLR input and looping output connectors; an optional version of the loudspeaker includes polarity switching and input attenuation (from 0 dB to –18 dB). The UPQ‐1P is also compatible with Meyer Sound’s RMSTM remote monitor‐ ing system, which offers comprehensive monitoring of system parameters on a Windows®‐based network.

The UPQ‐1P’s durable trapezoidal enclosure has a textured, hard‐shell black finish, an integral pole mount receptacle, and versatile rigging end plates. The end plates are made of heavy‐duty, high‐strength, corrosion‐resistant 6061‐T6 aluminum, with threaded M10 attachment points for basic eyebolt rigging. QuickFly® rigging options include the MPA‐UPQ pick‐up and array plate and MYA‐UPQ mounting yoke. Other options include Meyer Sound weather protection, custom cabinets without handles, and custom color finishes for specific cosmetic requirements.

(483 mm x 718 mm x 462 mm)
(49 kg)