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Martin Audio W8L Line Array Module

Martin Audio W8L Line Array Module

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Large Scale, Three-Way Line Array Enclosure

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SKU: 10814 Category: Tags: , Brand: Martin AudioMPN: W8LEAN: 7333293108140Condition: UsedCondition Description: Ex hire good working conditionWarranty: 72 hoursSerial number: 0123 0248 0160 0121 0157 0288 0242 0333 0156 0149 0166 0246Location: Sweden


Large Scale, Three-Way Line Array Enclosure

Horn loaded 15″ (380mm) LF – 106dB @1W, 1m (single cabinet)
Twin 8″ (200mm) mid-horn – 109dB @1W, 1m (single cabinet)
Quad 1″ (25mm) HF horn – 119dB @1W, 1m (single cabinet)
Consistent 90º horizontal mid and HF pattern control
Fast, integral rigging system with variable splay angles
ViewPoint™ array optimisation software
Factory controller presets for a wide variety of configurations
Compatible with flown or ground stacked W8LS
Compatible with ground stacked WLX, WSXa, WS218X
Live Sound Reinforcement: Outdoor concerts, stadiums and indoor arenas
Fixed Installations

The Martin Audio W8L Longbow low frequency section, the 15” (380mm) Hybrid bass horn design is responsible for the tight, punchy and extended low frequency performance of the W8L Longbow. Development of a completely new ultra-long excursion driver gives the W8L Longbow the ability to displace almost twice the volume of air as the W8L when driven with the same input signal. This advance lifts the already formidable low-end performance to a new level and extends the low frequency -3dB point down to 35Hz. The mid-horn of the W8L Longbow utilises 2 x 8” (200mm)/2” (50mm) coil drivers to produce 109dB at 1 metre for a 1 watt input. The twin 8” (200mm) mid-horn geometry and short, toroidal ‘donut’ phase plug work together to maintain a low curvature Wavefront and wide 90° horizontal coverage pattern of the mid frequencies right up the 2.5kHz crossover point. Since the launch of the W8L, Martin Audio has developed a patent pending technology, which provides an exceptional degree of control over the curvature of the high frequency vertical wavefront. The research has shown that even very long throw systems benefit from a small but specific amount of wavefront curvature. By coupling this technology with significant advances in high frequency device design we have created a quad-driver, high frequency system with the very high efficiency of 119dB (1W/1m). This allows the W8L Longbow to cope with the most adverse atmospheric conditions which can severely attenuate high frequencies over long distances. The new high frequency system also results in improved HF summation of cabinets in the array and a corresponding reduction of side lobes. The proprietary rigging system of the W8L Longbow is quick to deploy and allows a wide range of array curvatures to be achieved as called up by the Display™ or Viewpoint™ array optimization software. W8L Longbow columns are hinged at the front for gapfree HF coverage. Inter-cabinet angles from 0° to 7.5° are set by a rotating splay bar at the rear of the enclosure. W8L Longbow systems are designed to be powered by Martin Audio MA12K amplifiers