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Adamson Energia E15/E219 System Package

Turn-key Adamson E-system with 24x E15, 12x E129 Sub, 4x E-Rack

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System Components

24x E15 top, 3-way, LF – 2x 15″ ND15-L, MF – 2x 7″ YX7, HF – 2x 4″ NH4TA2, AutolockTM rigging system.
6x E15 dolly for 4x E15.
6x E15 cover for 4x E15 stacked on E15 Dolly.
2x E-frame + extension bar. Suspension frame for E-Series 3-way line source enclosures.

12x E219 Sub, LF – 2x 19″ SD19, integrated rigging system.
4x E219 dolly for up to 3x E219.
4x E219 cover for 3x E219 stacked on an E219 Dolly.

4x E-Rack. Turn-Key 12 Channel 230V: 3x PLM 20000Q, 1x Adamson Audio Panel, 1x 230V AC-Distribution, 1x Dante switch, 1x 10U Rack.

2x Adamson Inclinometer Kit: 1x sensor with laser, 1x reader, 1x 10M tape, 1x frame adapter, 1x hardshell case with dye-cut foam inserts.
2x Cable Looms for 12xE15: 100 ́ cable looms to a flown array, 2 x SOCA-100 (Wiring: 19 pin Soca duraflex 12 AWG) (Wiring: NL8 100’ female-female, 13 AWG with Neutrik FC series connectors) + 2 x Soca Fanout – 2x NL8 (Wiring: 19 pin Soca duraflex 12 AWG
to 2x NL8 female Neutrik FC series connectors) + Hoist cables for direct control hoists (chainmaster) + XLR cable for inclinometer.
18 Link Cables E15/ E12. NL803, Wiring: NL8 3’ female-female, 13 AWG with Neutrik FC series connectors
12 Sub cables: Misc length NL8 cables for sub setup and linking

Click here to download System specification as PDF

Can also be sold with 6x E12 with dolly and covers, contact us for more information.

SKU: 10659 Category: Tag: Brand: AdamsonMPN: E15EAN: 7333293106597Condition: UsedCondition Description: Ex hire good conditionYear mfg: 2014Warranty: 72 hoursPackaging: DollyLocation: Sweden


Adamson Energia E15 Line array system


The Adamson E15 is a 3 way, true line source enclosure, incorporating proprietary transducer and waveguide technology which reduces weight and minimizes the footprint. The heart of the E15 is the E-Capsule, which is precisely engineered and constructed of lightweight aluminum. The patent pending skeletal structure provides an accurate and rigid frame for mounting the modular aircraft grade steel Autolock© rigging system, while simultaneously housing a series of efficient mid-high components coaxially mounted on Adamson’s pioneering Co-Linear Drive Modules.

Two vector corrected low-excursion 7” Neodymium midrange transducers paired with two next generation 4” HF compression drivers energize the drive modules and provide seamless mid-high energy with minimized distortion at very high SPL levels. Critically optimized waveguides based on a prolate-spheroidal geometry ensure precise pattern control and minimum THD, producing a nominal (-6 dB) dispersion pattern of 90° x 6° (H x V). The E-Capsule is flanked with two separate, vented birch ply enclosures, each containing Adamson’s proprietary Neodymium 15” woofer, capitalizing on the advantages of Adamson’s Advanced Cone Architecture and optimized heat dissipation management of the 4” voice coil.


The E119 Subwoofer was developed to bolster the low-end of the E-Series line of products. The enclosure is loaded with a light weight, long excursion, 19” SD19 Kevlar Neodymium driver utilizing Adamson’s Advanced Cone Architecture and Symmetrical Drive Technology. The driver employs a dual 5” voice coil for exceptional power handling, with a dual-spider suspension system for extra stability even under extreme excursion. It is mounted in an ultra-efficient front-loaded enclosure, designed to reproduce clean, musical low frequency information. Users will appreciate the lower fundamental notes of this design.

The cabinet construction uses marine grade birch plywood as well as aircraft grade steel and aluminum, and is equipped with four Speakon™ NL4 connectors, two parallel In/Out rear plugs and two dedicated cardioid input connecters in the front. The integrated rigging system allows for either 0° or 3° splay between adjacent cabinets. The E119 can travel on installed casters, or on a 3-high covered dolly.

Adamson Energia E15 Line array system
Adamson Energia E15/E219 System Package

This item is sold