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JBL Marquis Dance Club Loudspeaker System

JBL Marquis club sound system, ex demo in mint condition

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System components

2x MD1, Ultra High Frequency Loudspeaker MD2, High Output MF/HF
2x MD2, High Output MF/HF
2x MD3L, High Output LF (Left)
2x MD3R, High Output LF (Right)
4x MD7, High Output Dual 18 inch Subwoofer

Can be delivered with suitable amplifiers, contact us for quote.

SKU: 10277 Categories: , Tag: Brand: JBLMPN: MarquisEAN: 7333293102773Condition: Very goodCondition Description: Ex dealer demo system, only used once.Warranty: 3 monthsPackaging: In original packagingLocation: Sweden


Power energy Passion

As a club designer, your creativity, vision and passion are the heart of an electrifying experience, whether it’s a world-class mega-club or an intimate lounge. Knowing this illuminated our vision in creating the new JBL Marquis Dance Club Series – to help you drive the energy in your club, and to ensure an electrifying experience for all your patrons.

With over six decades of experience, JBL engineers have brought their passion for delivering the soul and depth of music to dance floors since before the disco boom in the 1970’s.

Specifically designed for the extreme requirements of large and mega-size clubs, the
Marquis Dance Club Series comprises eight powerful multi-way systems and subwoofer models that combine JBL’s extraordinary sound, proven reliability and state-of-the-art technology with striking architectural design and versatile configurability. From thumping mega dance floors to tranquil VIP lounges, from eclectic chill rooms to complex sound booths, the Marquis Dance Club Series systematic loudspeaker designs are scalable to smaller venues, ultra lounges, and mega clubs alike. Regardless of the application, the Marquis Dance Club Series is a multi faceted tool for you to achieve your vision.

Superb Architectural Design and Versatile Configurability

The Marquis Dance Club Series features stunning, high design that is fully complementary with premier club environments.
Whether you choose to deploy their stunning architectural features into your overall aesthetic, or configure them into the background, their technical performance is specifically designed for dance clubs to ensure your patrons will be immersed in the soul and depth
of the music regardless of where they are in your club. Their wide array of configurability ensures compatibility with the specific design goals, power requirements and coverage needs of any environment you envision. Rugged as well as versatile, the Marquis Dance Club Series is built to the highest professional standards to withstand continuous, demanding professional use and are covered in ruggedized cabinet coverings and durable metal grills that not only will blend in with your design vision, but will handle the nightly abuse of thousands of hours of electrifying sound.

Designed to Create the Ultimate Experience

The goal of every premier dance club designer is to create the ultimate space, outfitted with the best equipment, so gifted DJ’s can express every creative impulse to drive an irresistible experience for everyone – on and off the dance floor. JBL knows this and knows what you need in order to accomplish this. JBL led the way in club loudspeaker design, helping to define club sound at the very beginning of the industry. During the disco boom of the 70’s nearly all dance club systems utilized JBL loudspeaker components. The massive amount of engineering development since then, combined with JBL’s driving passion and commitment to creating the best, highest performing sound systems in the dance world, make the Marquis Dance Club Series the premier sound system for the ultimate dance club experience.

JBL Marquis MD1 MD2 MD3 MD7 for sale
JBL Marquis Dance Club Loudspeaker System

This item is sold