Funktion One Resolution 5 Touring Package

 68 000

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12 x Resolution 5 Touring.
2 x Single yokes custom for Res5T stand mount.
2 x Res 5 column hangers.
2 x 3 wide res5T stacking boards.
2 x 5 wide res5T stacking boards.
All rigging equipment necessary for full stacking.
4 x F221 4 ohms bass enclosure.
4 x ST3 Satellite tweeter array (never used – in cardboard)
Amp-rack with XO4 audio-core 4:8 filter,
1 x E90,
1 x E45,
2 x E25,
1 x PSU 32A.
2 x 10m EP6 speaker cables.
2 x 15m EP6 speaker cables.
2 x 4 ch speakon > EP6 adaptors.

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SKU: 115-10115 Category: Tags: , , , , , , , Brand: Funktion OneMPN: Resolution 5Condition: UsedCondition Description: Ex hire good working conditionWarranty: 72 hoursLocation: Denmark


Resolution 5 Overview

The Resolution 5 Touring enclosure is a high intensity three-way, mid-high loudspeaker used to create accurate point-source arrays. The unique and patented midrange Axhead loading device not only gives incredible efficiency and dispersion control, but also increases high frequency output from the 8″ cone driver.  This means that the crossover point to the compression driver can be raised to around 6kHz for dramatically reduced distortion compared to the compression driver based midrange so prevalent in the industry.  Its highly controlled and focused dispersion enables precise tailoring of overall system coverage, simply through the geometry of the array.  Unwanted room reflections are thereby substantially reduced, maintaining the enclosure’s high intelligibility.  The system’s flexibility in application makes it suitable for any event size from 500 people to the largest festival, thereby maximising use of rental inventory.  Its innovative and simple integrated flying system, combined with minimal size and weight, allow for easy and effective flying or ground stacking. The Resolution 5 is economic in terms of system cost, production budget and truck space.  Above all, the accuracy and sonic quality it delivers are exceptional for all genres of music.

F221 Overview

Funktion One are renowned for the controlled energy of our loudspeaker systems – this is nowhere more evident than in our bass enclosures which deliver physicality with accuracy for truly involving musical experiences. In the 1980s Funktion One’s Tony Andrews pioneered work on the development of the first 21” loudspeaker ever made.  This provided the low end for his highly regarded system design of the time which was used on world tours by groups including Pink Floyd and Dire Straits.  More recently, with F1’s access to advanced materials and Andrews’ heightened understanding of loudspeaker and enclosure tuning, his original 21” concept was due for a revisit.  The Funktion-One designed drivers are incredibly robust and have 6” voice coils for maximising power input.  The powerful Neodymium magnet provides very high magnetic flux density whilst significantly reducing the weight compared to ceramic.  The resulting F221 is an exceptionally efficient high-intensity bass enclosure providing fast, accurate, physical bass of the highest calibre.

The product is supplied with 8 Ohm drivers. 4 Ohm drivers are available to special order.