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Yamaha 01V96v2 Digital Mixer

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Although it is a compact rack-size mixer, the 01V96 offers generous mixing capacity with up to 40 simultaneous inputs. All 40 input channels include four-band parametric EQ and up to 452 milliseconds of delay with variable feedback, while all channels except for stereo inputs 1 through 4 also provide a gate and compressor/limiter. What’s more, all of this functionality is available at 96 kHz.

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The compact 01V96 Digital Console features 24-bit/96 kHz digital audio processing with- out compromise, as well as 40-channel simultaneous mixing. The 01V96 covers a broad range of needs and applications, including multi-track recording, 2-channel mixdown, and cutting-edge surround sound production. This integrated, comprehensive audio system features remote control function for DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) as popularized by the DM2000 and 02R96 Digital Mixing Consoles.

The 01V96 offers the following features:

■ Hardware Features

  • 100-mm motorized faders x 17
  • Faders can set levels for Input Channels, Aux send levels, and Bus Outs.
  • Four selectable software layers determine the function of channel faders.
  • 320 x 240 dot LCD display
  • Buttons and controls in the SELECTED CHANNEL section enable direct editing of channel EQ parameters.
  • 8 USER-DEFINED KEYS enable you to assign functions to control 01V96 internal parameters.
  • ADAT optical connectors
  • Expansion slot for optional digital I/O, AD, and DA cards.

■ Sonic Specifications

  • Linear 24-bit, 128-times oversampling A/D converters
  • Linear 24-bit, 128-times oversampling D/A converters
  • 20 Hz through 40 kHz frequency response at 96 kHz sampling rate.
  • 106 dB typical dynamic range
  • 32-bit internal signal processing (58-bit accumulator)


■ Inputs and Outputs

  • 12 mic/line inputs with switchable +48 V phantom power and 4 line inputs
  • 12 analog inserts
  • Any Bus Outs or Channel Inserts can be routed to four Omni Outs.
  • Individual outputs for Stereo Out and Monitor Out
  • Analog 2TR In and Out for use with Tape In and Out signals
  • An optional card installed in the slot permits a maximum of 16 inputs/outputs.
  • Digital 2TR In and Out for consumer-format digital audio signals
  • Double Channel support for recording and playing at 88.2/96 kHz on 44.1/48 kHz leg- acy multi-track digital recorders.
  • You can cascade two 01V96s while remaining in the digital domain.
  • Input patches enable assignment of input signals to desired signal paths.
  • Output patches enable assignment of Bus Out signals and Input Channel Direct Outs to desired output jacks.

■ Channel Configuration

  • 32 Input Channels and four ST IN channels can be mixed at a time. Group multiple
  • channels and pair channels for stereo.
  • Eight Bus Outs and eight Aux Sends. Bus Outs 1-8 can be routed to Stereo Buses for use as Group Buses.
  • Channel library for storing and recalling the channel settings for each Input Channel and Output Channel
  • Four-band EQ on each channel
  • Dynamics processors on all channels (excluding ST IN channels)
  • Dynamics processor settings and EQ settings can be stored in libraries and recalled.

■ Effects

  • Four high-quality multi-channel effects (Apply effects via Aux Sends or ChannelInserts)
  • Effect library for storing and recalling effect settings.
  • Optional Add-On Effects packages for adding effects that utilize a variety of new algo- rithms.

■ Scene Memory

  • Scene memories for storing and recalling mix settings as Scenes

■ Surround Sound

  • Supports 3-1, 5.1, and 6.1 channel surround sound production
  • Surround channel outputs can be assigned to suit connected devices.

■ Remote Control

  • Control and manage your 01V96 from your Mac or PC using bundled Studio Managersoftware.
  • Remote Layer for remote control of Pro Tools, Nuendo, Cubase SX, and other DAWs that support the Pro Tools protocol
  • Control an external recorder via MMC commands.


  • Equipped with MIDI ports and a USB port for computer connection
  • Scene recall and mix parameter changes via MIDI

01v96v2 digital mixer
Yamaha 01V96v2 Digital Mixer

This item is sold