Midas Siena 400 Analogue Mixing Console

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Very good condition. Recently refurbished by local distributor and not used since. Square One Eq Rack available, listed separately.

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Warranty: 72 Hours
Brand: Midas
MPN: S400
Condition: Used
Condition description: Ex event hire very good condition
Location: Stockholm Sweden

The Midas SIENA Mixing Consoles are designed to perform dual duty as both, a live front-of-house (FOH) sound reinforcement console or flexible monitor mixing console. The SIENA is available in a variety of frame sizes and this console features a total of 40 mono input channels and up to 16 mix bus outputs for flexible routing in any application.

As true with all Midas consoles, the SIENA features superb audio performance, and increased functionality with features that include an advanced Solo Tracking System, switched inserts on outputs, and a powerful logic controlled solo system.

The output section features a stereo Master and 16-bus outputs for routing auxiliary signal to monitors, external processing and much more. All channels feature a powerful 4-band EQ section with swept-frequency bands and hi-pass filter. The SIENA is sure to deliver the performance and quality expected of Midas, while remaining cost-effective and straightforward.

40 Mono Inputs
The SIENA is available is a variety of channel frames, this console features 40 mono inputs and 16 bus outputs.

16 Bus Outputs
The available bus outputs provide flexible routing to monitors, effects, etc.

Solo Tracking System
The Solo Tracking System allows any of the 16 master, or stereo master solos to trigger auto-solo messages on the Klark Teknik DN9340 Helix EQ.