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Solid State Logic AWS 924 Analogue Workstation System

Digital Control for Analogue Souls

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24 input Solid State Logic studio/production console

In use 2011 to 2016, not used since. Documentation included. Pricing is for console with 2012 software, we can offer an upgrade to current delta-based automation on request before shipping.

SKU: 10257 Categories: , Tag: Brand: Solid State LogicMPN: AWS 924EAN: 7333293102575Condition: Very goodCondition Description: Light useWarranty: 72 hoursPackaging: Freight crateLocation: Sweden


The AWS (Analogue Workstation System) reinvented the professional production console by combining classic SSL SuperAnalogue™ console technology with comprehensive DAW control hardware in a single work surface. The AWS is now used by leading international recording artists, producers and engineers and has shaped expectations for session workflow within today’s and indeed tomorrows’ production environments. The spring 2015 release of AWS delta saw another significant step in the constant evolutionary development that has characterised its enormously successful life. delta-Control (d-Ctrl) is a completely new analogue console automation platform for SSL studio technology that unites the very best of automation in the analogue console domain with DAW based workflow. All new AWS consoles feature delta technology and console upgrades are available for all preceding models.

Solid State Logic AWS 924
Solid State Logic AWS 924 Analogue Workstation System

This item is sold