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Euphonix MC Pro DAW Control Surface

Professional DAW Control Surface

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Ex demonstration use only and is on sale from an Avid authorised reseller.
The sale includes an iLok licence for Studio Monitor Pro software, the manual for which can be found here

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Link to the official Avid MC Pro user guide can be found here.

Costing over $20,000 new the MC Pro control surface also served as the centre section of the successful 5MC console. The MC Pro provides ethernet based EUCON control of Pro Tools and HUI control of almost all popular DAW systems. The MC Pro has an integrated keyboard and trackball, user configurable jog / shuttle wheel as well as 56 user defined soft-keys, 4 faders and 8 user definable knobs.


A Pro Control Surface for any DAW!

The Avid MC Pro control surface gives you complete and precise control over all popular DAWs and video workstations, allowing you to work faster and more effectively. The MC Pro features a full-size keyboard, jog wheel, trackball, 56 LCD SmartSwitches, nine rotary controls, and four faders. There’s also a comprehensive monitoring section onboard. When this professional-grade control surface detects a particular application, it adapts the controls to match the program. This means a faster workflow and more flexible recording and editing options when you use the Avid MC Pro.

Avid MC Pro Professional DAW Control Surface at a Glance:

  • Easy, effective adaptability
  • Keyboard and trackball controls
  • Well-organized touchscreen
  • Works well with others

Easy, effective adaptability

We can all remember a couple of keystroke commands, but as workflow necessitates switching between applications, it becomes more difficult to recall how to quickly access all the functions and parameters for every application you use. Sometimes you need to access functions in applications that are buried in the background such as transport controls for a media player. The MC’s 56 programmable SmartSwitches solve this problem. There are also many parameters that are more easily adjusted using onboard buttons, rotary controls, faders, and joysticks instead of a mouse, trackball, or keyboard.

Keyboard and trackball controls

Sit at the Avid MC Pro and you can instantly access your favorite applications using the full-sized keyboard and trackball. You can change the supplied keyboard for one of your own choice and fit a mouse if you prefer this to a trackball. There are two trackballs, each with control ring and four user programmable switches. A right-handed user can use the right trackball, lock the left trackball and use the left trackball control ring for jog and shuttle commands. This design caters for left or right-handed operation. It also allows a right-handed person to access the left hand trackball when they are working on another surface to the left of the MC Pro. The trackball rings can also be used for trimming, zooming, and moving clips. One of the trackballs can also be transformed into a traditional Jog-Shuttle wheel

Well-organized touchscreen

A high-resolution (1024×768) touchscreen is situated just above the keyboard for file management and for programming the various functions of the MC Pro. Areas of the screen are reserved for permanent display of filenames, transport state, Soft Knob designations, fader labels, and the main menu. Each section of the MC Pro includes a ‘setup’ button which brings up a setup screen for that section of the surface

Works well with others

The Avid MC Pro is designed to control all the top pro media applications, including Pro Tools, Nuendo, Digital Performer and Logic Pro DAWs, audio post applications such as Pyramix, and video production software like Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composer, and Avid Express. In fact the MC works with any application, Mac or PC! The MC Pro surface is able to switch automatically between applications – all controls on the surface switch to match whichever application is made active on the workstation.

Avid MC Pro Professional DAW Control Surface Features:

  • Dual trackballs (which can be switched for mouse operation) each with a control ring.
  • One trackball can also be converted into a Jog-Shuttle wheel.
  • Standard full-sized qwerty keyboard with numeric keypad (which can be changed for a user-preferable keyboard)
  • 56 programmable SmartSwitches each with an integral LCD display to show their function
  • 9 Soft Knobs for processor and plug-in control
  • 4 faders (optionally dual joystick panners)
  • 6 Strip Control buttons associated with the faders
  • 4 buttons for selecting multiple workstations
  • High-res touchscreen for setup and control
  • Surround monitoring including monitor matrix, speaker controls, solo, and talkback mic
  • 1/4″ footswitch jack, headphone thru jack
  • Touchscreen VGA out
  • Standard keyboard and mouse ports
  • USB port
  • Serial port and Ethernet

The Avid MC Pro control surface lets you get the most out of any DAW application!

Euphonix MC Pro
Euphonix MC Pro DAW Control Surface

This item is sold