Our Wishlist is back!

Our wishlist is back

We have finally gotten around to reimplement our wishlist feature!

Now you can save interesting ads in your personal account, be notified of stock and price changes and directly add saved items to cart.

It is as easy as clicking the blue “Add to Wishlist” button and the ad is saved in your Gearwise account. You can add as many items as you want to the list, ask for estimates and add to cart & checkout an order.

We hope you enjoy this new possibility!

Simplified trade with the UK

Simplified trade with the UK

We just made it easier

Since Brexit, the trade between the UK and EU became much more complicated, resulting in less business between the two regions. In order to facilitate easier trade, we are now registered for UK VAT, which in practice means that,

  • UK customers without a valid VAT number will be charged UK VAT by us, relieving the buyer from much of the customs hassle. Gearwise will account for the VAT to HMS Revenue services.
  • UK customers with a valid VAT number will trade as before, we will invoice without VAT and the buyer is responsible to report the import to the authorities

When you place the order, at checkout there is a field to enter your GB VAT number, if it is valid the order is placed without VAT, if invalid or not filled in UK VAT will be applied.

That is all there is to it!

Website changes

Buy from Gearwise

We have implemented a few changes to how our website works.

These changes aim to make the site more like the standard webshop with shopping cart and checkout procedure. You add items to your cart, check out the cart and receive a proforma to pay against (with or without freight cost depending on your method of collection).

  • “Add to Cart” is now the default way to purchase an item
  • You must be logged in to be able to make a purchase
  • You must enter your complete details to be able to make a purchase
  • For EU customers, your VAT number is validated in the checkout process
  • When you add to the cart and check out a purchase, you will receive a proforma invoice from our system
  • If you have choosen “Our forwarder”, we will add freight costs to the proforma invoice
  • If you have choosen “Local pickup”, the amount displayed will be your total
  • We have temporarily removed the wishlist function, it may come back at some point

As always we welcome your feedback and requests for functions and layout.